Whispered secrets

by mikemartel

Most days are past in a state of wakefulness in which people go happily about their day absent of any special or peculiar events. Just a normal day. Nothing to notice except the familiar rhythm of life. And it’s okay. If life weren’t like that, we wouldn’t live anything special, or feel the moments of passion as they should be experienced. The vast majority of people don’t really care about those days – the normal or the boring ones, as some may call them. For my part, I love them. There is something nice about them. Something comforting and easy. I like them because they are full of boring moments, of mundane scenes, of small and less than small familiarities. I call them whispered secrets because if you give your attention to them, they in turn tell you little things, small hushed sounds in your ears.

(Whispered Secrets will be a small column that I will update hopefully once a week. Stay tuned.)

yellow line and green plant flirting