Dormatorian sociability

by mikemartel

People are in the corridor, drinking beer, chattering happily, it’s the weekend and everybody is happy to finish another week of hard work. A group of guys are in a room and are smoking weed, you can smell the stink on the entire floor, nest door friends are playing a drinking game with dices, every is good and goes well, it is a fine evening. A couple of hours later everything is silent and everybody is sleeping until the next day and the next party of the weekend.

Living in a dorm is not easy, you don’t know anybody, you’re far away from home and surrounded by unknown people. Some people don’t know respect or how to live in society. But you can make friends easily, for a simple reason, everybody is in the same situation and you are living with 200 or more people. It is a life full of party and excitement. But they are some dark side, insalubrity for example. The other day I was going to take a shower when I found a used pornographic magazine on the shower floor, the other time it was orange peel, I even found shit once and a friend of mine stumble upon vomit in the shower. But nothing beats the time when I enter a bathroom with vomit everywhere, I mean, the guy even throw up on the windows, it was disgusting. The kitchen is a hell place and sometimes you can’t sleep because your neighbor is sleeping with his girlfriend or the new girl he picked that night.

But it is not so bad, we always have a good time, playing music or video games, doing sports and helping each other with homework. Even if it’s a hard place to live, you can have really good moments, and it is a place to discover new horizons. You meet so many different people in here that one day, you can wake up and find out your a completely different person that you we’re when you arrived. Couples are formed, friendships that can endure a lifetime are created and at the end you’re leaving with a great experience. I started to take photograph of my moments in my dorm just for fun and find out that it was a story.