Documentary on Parkour or Art of moving

by mikemartel

I stand on the top of the stairs, Kerby Stivenes jumps the wall, lands and rolls on the ground 8 feet below. He walks back with a smile on his face, and gives me the thumbs up. He evolved and he’s proud of it.

Parkour is not a sport, nor a way of impressing people. It is a discipline, a philosophy, a way of life. Freerunners have something in common: each and every one of them have jumped and climbed everything from an early age. I am one of them and I’ve always been running everywhere and exploring everything. We’re not doing it because it’s fun, but simply because it’s necessary to our life. The art of moving has always existed in nature. You just have to observe how the animals move through their own environment. How they master it; to be able to move efficiently and gracefully in order to triumph their world with movement.

David Belle, a Frenchman, developed 20 years ago a discipline based on martial arts, gymnastics and climbing. His goal was to train himself in case of urgencies or danger so that he could flee rapidly. However, he discovered that it could be something more and it became his lifestyle.

Parkour became popular in no time and young people found a way to express themselves through movement. Parkour is an evolution of mind and body. We train ourselves to always go further, to jump higher, to run faster, to surpass ourselves, to persevere. There is a phrase in Parkour that says: “If you don’t feel it, don’t do it. Train yourself until you can feel it.” Freerunner are not stupid. They know that it’s not without risk, but they do everything possible to make it safer. From training to teaching new ones how to be safe and wise they make the sport more secure. Security is one of the most important things. It is as important as showing respect for the environment where we practice our sport and our respect for one another. You don’t become a freerunner. You are born one. This is only a scratch upon the surface of this lifestyle, but I’ll be documenting this world further so that you can learn in advantage about it. I hope what you discover and learn of Parkour will better help your understanding of who we are.